Which Does Your Family Prefer, Catalina Or Western Dressing?
My husband started a garden last year and this year we're reaping bountiful lettuce sooner than expected.  We were going to a friend's house for a barbecue and we proudly brought a giant bowl of garden lettuce laced with fresh veggies.  While in the grocery store choosing dressing we got into the co…
How Is Bragg Liquid Aminos Good For You? [Recipe]
I've seen the bottles of Bragg's Liquid Aminos on the tables at Duluth Grill and we have a friend who is vegan and uses it, but until I tried a recipe that called for it, I didn't touch it.  Ken Hayes has been searching for it (don't ask) and much to his shock I told him I h…
Dieters: Skip the Salad??
It's hard enough trying to lose weight, with all the working out and counting calories.  At least you can trust that a salad is healthy for you --- right?  Researchers aren't so sure.