'300: Rise of an Empire' Review
Before anything else: the sex.
There is a sex scene in '300: Rise of an Empire' that is an all-timer. Put it right up there on the shelf next to 'Don't Look Now,' 'A History of Violence,' 'Blue is the Warmest Color,' '9 ½ Weeks' and any of the others that make those best-of lists. Actually, put next …
Ion Electric Ice Auger Review and Battery Use Tips
A couple weeks ago, my coworker Ken Hayes and I headed to a local ice fishing show, where we both picked up important pieces of equipment we hoped would improve our 2013-2014 ice fishing season. While Ken picked up a new portable shelter (see his thoughts on his purchase), I was in need of a new ice…
'Carrie' Review
For a gal named Carrie White, she's sure got a lot of red on her.
Watching Kimberly Peirce's 'Carrie' is an odd experience. If you've seen Brian De Palma's version from 1976, this new version is - and there's really no point in denying this - like watching a cover band. There's a tweaked scene here a…
Joe Walsh, ‘Lucky That Way’ – Song Review
Joe Walsh has been a good friend to country music over the last five years, frequently appearing on tracks from artists like Kenny Chesney and Kix Brooks, and jamming with Brad Paisley at award ceremonies. Now Nashville is returning the favor, helping Walsh cut his first country single.
Google+ One Month Later: What’s Next?
I use Google+ and like it. It's more selective, and I like that too. Is is better than Facebook? Yes and no. At this point, Facebook is better for business purposes, but  Google+ (for me anyway) is better  for personal use.
Keith’s New Book “Life”
I've loved the Stones since day one. While others kids were "gaga" over the Beatles, I went the other way with the Stones. I loved the "coolness" of the Stones... a smile every now and then, maybe, but that's it..