Harold’s Flapjack Fiasco Breaks Another Record [Photo Gallery]
Nothing short of amazing!  It was another steady line of satisfied St. Jude donors at the Four Season's Sports Complex in Carlton again this year.  After a record breaking year last year we thought we had planned accurately for this year, but the number just keeps growing!!!   YOU make such an incredible difference!
Harold’s Flippin’ Flapjack Fiasco 2016 Hits Record Numbers
Nothing short of amazing!  (and uber busy)  That's the way to describe this year's Harold's Flippin' Flapjack Fiasco. I am so humbled by the immense support that Carlton County gives through event donations, volunteer hours, energy and monetary donations for the kids of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.  YOU make such a difference!
A Video Collection Of The Lions Club Pancake Day
Another year of serving up alternative toppings and another year of serving the public. I had a great time again this year and want to thank the Lions Club for having me. Over the course of the time we were there, Josh, our video/tech guy, put together a collection of shots that tell the story of the Pancake day and our visit.
Pancake Day Thursday
You're invited to enjoy Pancakes!! They aren't just for breakfast, they are for charity. This year the event takes place on Thursday May 5th. I will be there again this year with alternative toppings for you to enjoy from  6 am to 10 am.  I am also the reigning sausage eating champion, and will accept all challenges.
Lions Club Pancake Day Thursday, Enjoy The Pancake Day Blues
Bill walks around and pours coffee, chat's up the latest stories in the news and offers advice on things, but if you stop him and ask him to, he will sing this orginal song, and he may ask you to sing. To help you out, here is the song so you can learn the lyrics. Obviously, when he did it, I needed to help.
Pancake Pillows Are Comfy, Good Enough to Eat
What’s more comforting than a pancake-shaped pillow? A stack of pancakes, when done right, is soft, plump and fluffy. So of course it would make sense to transform the breakfast staple into a pile of comfy pillows. The relaxing flapjack stack even comes with two butter pillows to top off your breakfast-themed dreams...