Olive Garden

Olive Garden’s Parent Company Buys Competing Chain
Following what appeared to be a bleak business year for Darden Restaurants - the parent-company of Olive Garden and Red Lobster, things seem to be looking up.  Darden Restaurants announced the agreement to purchase the Yard House chain for $585 million dollars in cash...
Olive Garden Serves 10 Year Old Rum By Accident
You might want to double-check that "kiddie cocktail";  A 10-year old Indianapolis boy was hospitalized over the weekend after being served rum in his drink at an Olive Garden.
According to police, the boy had ordered a non-alcoholic wildberry frullato daiquiri for children but…
Olive Garden Tries To Win Back Customers
Hoping to shore up it's bottom line, Darden-owned Olive Garden is trying to win back former customers.
It is a major challenge for Orlando-based Darden Restaurants, which owns Olive Garden, Red Lobster and other brands.
Americans are eating out less but demanding more at a lower cost when they do…
Obama Says No French Fries For You; Olive Garden Agrees
You know - you work hard.  You go to a restaurant.  "Order anything you want".  Sure - why not;  You're paying for it - right?
Not at Olive Garden.
Following the edict handed down from the Obama administration, the Olive Garden has become the first restaurant…