How To Save Over $100 Every Time You Get Into Your Vehicle
The click it or ticket enforcement is going on May 23 to June 25 now is the time to take action the click it or ticket seat belt enforcement and education is a component of the states towards the zero deaths program. With over 300 law enforcement agencies across the state involved.
Superior Train Frustrations
Trains, trains, trains. Wherever you are in Superior, you have a chance of being stopped by a train. So heading off to work yesterday once again I get stopped by a lovely train. Now comes the choice do you wait for the train to pass? Or do you try to go around and use another route? But then you thi…
Car Seat Changes For 2014: What Every Parent Should Know
Every parent knows that they need to properly restrain their child in a car seat while riding in a moving vehicle.  However with changing laws and guidelines, people often find themselves questioning if they're doing it right;  What passed as safe practices in 1974 doesn't even s…