Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga Prays Only To Women
I don't care if she prays to the North side of a barn, at least she prays. The 'Judas' singer had a very religious upbringing and while she was told to worship Jesus and God, Gaga chose to confide in females because she's always been a feminist...
Lady GaGa Feels Like A Loser
Chris Allen & I were discussing this today, that  many of the worlds biggest rock n rollers were having the most difficult times of their lives, while they were at the top of their careers. Sounds bassakwards doesn't it?  It's lonely at the top.
Clarence Clemmons Blows With Gaga
Clarence Clemmons (I'm a huge fan) gets a phone call and winds up on the new Lady Gaga album. You may be asking yourself if stuff like this really happens. Is it really that easy? Yes, it's that easy once you become a name. Three weeks ago E Street Band saxophonist Clarence Clemons was putting together an exercise machine in his Florida house when his wife told him that Lady Gaga's people were on