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Song Advice from John
Much has been made of Paul McCartney's decision to reach out to some unexpected collaborators for his latest album, 'New.' But as he revealed during a recent interview, he still seeks advice from his oldest songwriting partner.
New John Lennon App
John Lennon's six-month sojourn in Bermuda, which ultimately helped provide much of the music for 1980's 'Double Fantasy' album, has inspired a new app scheduled to debut in the Apple store this fall.
Mining for DNA
In the oddest bit of dead celebrity body part news since Michael Jackson's hair was turned into a roulette ball, scientists are trying to sequence John Lennon's DNA using an extracted molar.
Yoko Chimes In on Gun Debate
Since John Lennon was shot and killed on Dec. 8, 1980, his widow Yoko Ono has devoted herself to campaigning for stricter gun control legislation -- so it's only fitting that yesterday (March 21), Ono celebrated what should have been their 44th wedding anniversary by issuing a poignant reminder of what's at stake in the ongoing battle over our interpretation of the Second Amendment.
Top 10 John Lennon Love Songs
Upon closer inspection of his impressive discography, it’s obvious that John Lennon could write a beautiful sentiment with the best of his generation’s songwriters.

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