Looking for a Job?
There are jobs out there - if you're willing to look.  Professionals with the Duluth Workforce Center and the Northland Human Resource Association are partnering to make it easier for ob seekers to gain knowledge and tips to land their next dream job with local employers.
Get A Job With Your Smart Phone, New Company Can Do Just That
Everyone is having trouble finding a job. The old way of looking in the newspaper has gone by the wayside. Employers looking for good employees has been a tough find. A Seattle company called Jobaline wants to change that and they are using....texting. Everyone seems to be texting, why not use it to…
5 Careers That Are Quickly Dying Out
Getting a solid apprenticeship or a college education is almost always a good idea for anyone traveling down the career path. The problem arises when you have to decide between several different options. While anyone with a strong skill set (blue- or white-collar) should be fairly employable, it’s j…
What Are the Best Jobs in America?
If you're sitting around the office today thinking, There has to be a career path out there better than this, don't worry: you are not alone. Still, as you sit and ponder the possibilities of seeking a different career, there are people out there who actually hold the best jobs this w…

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