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The 4 Best Places To Get Ice Cream in Duluth
I scream.  You scream.  We all scream for ice cream.  I believe it was Abraham Lincoln or Richard Simmons who coined that phrase years ago and it still rings true today.  To me, ice cream is kind of like pizza in that it's hard to find really bad ice cream and even when it&a…
10 Strange Ice Cream Flavors For Summer
When the weather gets warmer, and you head out into the sun, you’re bound to eat a whole lot of ice cream. Of course, you could choose from the traditional flavors, like vanilla, chocolate, pistachio and rocky road. But why not try something a little different?
Ice Cream IS Addictive
A recent research study has proven what many food addicts have claimed for years: ice cream can be addicting.
According to The Telegraph, a study performed by the Oregon Research Institute showed that ice cream does in fact have "addictive properties...
Weird Ice Cream Flavors
I'm not a big ice cream lover although once in awhile I get the urge. I stick to the basics, chocolate, peppermint, strawberry.  I have been known to throw all caution to the wind and order a banana split, however it must come with three cherries on top. Oh Rayman, you wild and crazy guy!
Follow Up – Breast Milk Ice Cream Pulled From Shelves
Breast milk ice cream is no longer available in England.  Local authorities in London have pulled the unusual frozen delicacy off the shelves of The Icecreamist in response to public complaints over whether the shop should be selling edibles made from human body fluids.