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CHUM Invites You To Scout For Food This Saturday
CHUM invites you to help out food shelf programs by "Scouting For Food" this Saturday. The SHARE Food Drive takes place from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at area grocery stores. It's a great way to help out people in your community that need it. Scouts will hand shoppers a list of items most nee…
Have Automated Store Clerks Taken Over?
Full disclosure:  I dislike automated tellers and self-check out lines.  Why should I ring up my own sale and bag my own groceries without some form of discount off the bill?.  In other words - if the owner of the store is saving money by not paying human beings to wait on me, why shouldn't I be ent…
Why Does Tide Cost More?
Anyone who's shopped for laundry detergent has more than likely asked the same question to themselves:  Why are some brands more expensive than others?  If the main ingredients are the same - it begs the question what makes one brand more expensive than  the others.
Endless Drought Means Rising Prices At The Grocery Store
Shoppers looking for relief at the grocery store check out lane will have to keep watching the weather forecast.  The historically-dry conditions in the Midwest are setting the food industry up for non-stop, record-setting high prices.
Experts say that over 60-percent of the nation's farmla…

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