Genesis 'Together and Apart'
Although it's not the reunion tour that fans of progressive rock legends Genesis have been hoping for, the band just revealed that they have been working on a big new project together.
Genesis Reunion?
It's been only 13 years since Peter Gabriel released an album of new material, so we probably have a little while to go before he's ready to emerge with his next batch of songs. In the meantime, he's busy on the road, in the studio and -- in a recent Rolling Stone interview -- answering yet another round of questions about the prospect of a Genesis reunion.
Reunion Not Likely
There's nothing stopping a full Genesis reunion, but guitarist Steve Hackett calls the prospect "improbable." The group still gets along and members bump into each other from time to time, but eventually talks of getting back together fizzle.
Film Uncovered
The Atomic Sunrise festival was held in March 1970 at the legendary Roundhouse club in England and featured a number of the underground rock scene's most shining lights. The event featured David Bowie, Hawkwind, and Genesis, among others. All these acts were in their infancy, and that's what makes the event so interesting. Fortunately, the festival was captured on film and now, after over 40 years
Genesis Album Revival
Genesis fans: rejoice! Especially if you have a whole lot of extra cash. EMI is re-issuing five of this legendary prog-rock band's first six studio albums (leaving out their rightfully despised debut, 1969's 'From Genesis to Revelations'), all in fancy "180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl" format.
Yes and Genesis Members Announce Release Date for New Squackett Album
Here’s a riddle, of sorts. What’s a “Squackett?” No, it’s not some hybrid bird created in a lab, unless you want to get metaphorical and consider music a bird and a studio a lab. It’s what you get when you cross Yes bassist Chris Squire (who has played on every one of said band’s records) and onetime Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett. The duo will release ‘A Life Within a Day’ on May 29 via Esoteric