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McDonalds To Start Putting Calorie Counts In Lights
In a move towards further nutritional disclosure, United States locations of McDonalds restaurants are getting ready to display the calorie count of their menu items in lights - making it easier for customers to know exactly what they are ordering and eating...
Appetite For Kids Meals Wanes
The love/hate relationship that Americans have with fast food kids meals seems to be taking another turn.
Long portrayed as a key contributor to childhood obesity, fast-food kids meals may be losing their appeal to youngsters — and, more importantly, their parents...
Wendy’s Changes Their Look; Goes Upscale
Much like their fast-food competitors have done over the last few years, Wendy's is gearing up for an image overhaul that they hope will revitalize their profits.
Wendy's Co. is betting that a sleek new look for its restaurants, coupled with a revamped menu featuring its new premium Dave&ap…

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