Best Places To Get Pumpkins
One of the staples of fall and the Halloween season is picking out that perfect pumpkin to carve, or even to just put out for decoration. Where does one look for the best pumpkin picking around Duluth, Superior, and beyond? Here are three suggestions, some more simple, and others more extravagant.
Fall Colors Road Trips
We live in one of the most gorgeous areas year-round, and it only gets better in fall. The varied terrain, water, and multitude of types of trees make for an explosion of color people travel from around the country to enjoy. With so many places to pick from, sometimes it can be hard to decide where to go
Fall Colors 2017 Map
The weather is giving us a perfect setup for fall colors this year. Ample rainfall and the right temperature fluctuations from day to night are already pushing some of the trees around the region to their brilliant fall hues

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