Farm Equipment Is Back On The Road
It's fall, and that means some of the farmers are going to be working on their fields and using their equipment. It's not the fastest equipment but it is needed to get the job done. Law enforcement is reminding everyone to keep an eye out for equipment on the road and keep an eye out for i…
Six Things To Do With Pumpkins Besides Carve Them
It almost goes without saying: Halloween is the pumpkin farmers time in the spotlight.  If any one thing is synonymous with the October holiday it would be a big, bright-orange jack-o'-lantern.  As widely-celebrated as Halloween is, it seems like most families have at least one (or more) of these or…
Why Are There So Many Ladybugs In The Northland This Fall?
Fall of 2015 will probably go down as one of the better ones we've seen in the Northland;  unseasonably-warm temperatures, light to moderate rainfall, and a glorious display of fall colors have us all enjoying this respite before winter arrives.  But - perhaps you've also noticed…
Fall Leaves Colors Map for Northern Minnesota and Wisconsin
Fall in the Northland is a uniquely beautiful experience. Within a short driving distance, you can enjoy the vibrant beauty our area has to offer with a number of different backdrops; from Lake Superior to the rolling hills of Northern Wisconsin or the rugged country of the Iron Range.

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