Crayola’s New Blue Crayon Needs To Be Named, Got Any Ideas?
Crayola Crayons were a staple at our house while my daughter was growing up.  She's 23 now and I still have several boxes in the craft room waiting for when there's little ones in the house again.  I guess I never really paid attention to what the color names were until they decided to retire one, D…
UPDATE: WITC Medallion Has Been Found, Sno-Week Continues
Every year B105 has fun giving out the clues to find the WITC Medallion and ultimately help you win up to $500.  My original blog was about the fact that maybe you didn't know what the medallion looked like, so to increase your chances of winning I showed the picture above.  It must h…
Find The WITC Medallion
Every year I'm involved with the WITC Medallion hunt by giving out clues to help you win up to $500, but I had no idea what it looked like.  To increase your chances of winning I want to give the clues and a peek at what the medallion looks like.

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