The Good And Bad Of Men In Rompers, Do You Agree?
Ok, where to start.  First, I personally am not a fan of rompers on my own body, they can be uncomfortable and if you have to go to the bathroom one side of said romper will  inevitably end up laying in a pool of God only knows what on the public restroom floor.  There's good and…
The Internet and Social Media Lead to Online Garage Sales
More and more people everyday are using the internet to shop. It seems like all business both big and small have their own website, packed full of wonderful bargains for the holiday season. Shopping on the internet can save you a lot of time, it's a real convenience.
Bernard Lansky “The Man Who Dressed Elvis” Died Last Week [VIDEO]
A couple  weekends ago I was sorting out my clothes closet. I had a few garment bags of show clothes in there, and I decided to check some sizes, see what needed pressing, stuff like that.. I ran across a half dozen shirts I got from Lansky's in Memphis. I wore a couple at the Hall of Fame, I rememb…
Tight Clothes Affect Your Health
Tight jeans.  High heels.  Flared tops.  The clothes you wear affect your health in ways you may not realize.
Apparel and accessories that are too tight, too loose, too heavy, too high or too floppy can all create health issues. Wearers sometimes have no idea that the culprit is their …
Elton’s Wearing What?
We all know that KOOl 101.7 is the place to win Elton John tickets. We know that Elton John is the ultimate showman. What we don't know is which costume Sir Elton will be wearing the night of.