bill wyman

Dirty Little Secret
According to former Rolling Stones bassist Bill Wyman, the band members used to forge each others' signatures when signing large amounts of memorabilia. All except for Charlie Watts, that is.
'Never Again'
If you happened to be in attendance at the O2 Arena in London last November when Bill Wyman joined the Rolling Stones on stage for the first time in roughly 20 years, hang on to those memories, because Wyman says it'll never happen again.
'I Was a Bit Disappointed'
It excited longtime fans, but Bill Wyman's reunion with his former bandmates in the Rolling Stones really just amounted to a cameo appearance during their 50th anniversary shows last December -- and according to Wyman, that wouldn't have been his choice.
New Rolling Stones Members
Fans can expect a Rolling Stones reunion in London, as Bill Wyman and Mick Taylor have been confirmed as special guests for both the Nov. 25 and Nov. 29 shows at the O2 Arena. The dates are the first on the bands 50 and Counting tour, which includes shows in Brooklyn, N.Y. and Newark, N.J. before ye…
Rolling Stones Record With OriginaL Bass Player Bill Wyman
When the Stones start recording, a tour isn't far off. I believe they've got one more in them, and I predict it'll be both the best, and their last. Bill Wyman has always been my favorite bass player of all time, and I was saddened when he left the group. It would be great to have him…