My Friend’s Newfangled Light Bulb Blinks Leaving Us Baffled [VIDEO]
I was visiting a friend the other day and as we walked up the stairs I commented on the odd shape of her light bulb.  She said that she had just put it in and as she turned it on, it flashed on and off in a very deliberate way.  We wondered why and she tried it again and again.  Each time, it flashed twice.  Have you seen this?
This Store Has No Employees, Could This Swedish Store Be The Future Of Shopping
The future lately is being taken over by robots and computers. It all looks like it's supposed to make life easier for humans, but right now it's putting humans out of jobs. This store in Sweden doesn't have any employees. You use an app to unlock the door, scan your items and pay with the same app. This makes self check out lines at the grocery store seem silly.
What Will You Look Like Thirty Years from Now? [GALLERY]
Each year Americans spend billions of dollars on products designed to make themselves look great. In addition to the facial creme, makeup, wrinkle removers etc., we spend millions more on plastic surgery to make us look younger.Let's face it, we all want to look great, younger is even better.
Great Halloween App For Little Trick Or Treaters
Want help setting a spooky but not too scary mood for the upcoming holiday where monsters, ghosts, and jack-o-lantern roam? I picked up this app for my Grandson Gus (he's almost 3), and he just loves it. My little buddy Gus does not like loud noises, so I needed to take that into consideration...
New App Will Make Your Breasts Bigger
A new iPhone app called iAugment allows women who are considering breast augmentation to see how they would look with a new pair without actually having to go to the plastic surgeon to get an expensive and potentially embarrassing virtual visualization. The app is simple enough to use: All you do is upload a picture, highlight the breasts, and then decide how big you want to make them. If you wa
David Bowie Release Golden Years iPhone App
I gotta get this app, and if your a Bowie fan you may want one too. Hey, we could check it out together. David Bowie is reissuing a 1975 single as an iPhone app. Almost four decades after Golden Years was released, the singer’s remastered classic will be available for fans to remix via dedicated, handheld software.
My New Confession App
Saturday was "Confession" day for the little Rayman. I would write down all my sins on paper, then cross out the really big ones (like car theft). All I had on my paper was small insignificant things (throwing rocks at my neighbors cat, breaking windows..small stuff).