Ice Cream IS Addictive
A recent research study has proven what many food addicts have claimed for years: ice cream can be addicting. According to The Telegraph, a study performed by the Oregon Research Institute showed that ice cream does in fact have "addictive properties...
Is Text Messaging the Newest Cure for Addiction?
It turns out suffers from alcohol dependency might be able to kick the habit by doing what comes natural… texting. Yup, a new study has found actual evidence that there may be a health benefit to text messaging. Research with young problem drinkers found those who sent and received weekly text messages tracking their alcohol consumption drank less at the end of the 12-week program than they did at
Addiction Vaccines Will Potentially Cure Nicotine and Drug Dependencies
Scientists in San Diego are developing new vaccines that will potentially cure addictions, allowing cigarette and drug abusers to kick their habits with a simple injection. Dr. Kim D. Janda, a Scripps Research Institute professor, is one of the leading experts, having made addiction vaccines his main priority for the past 25 years. “We view this as an alternative or better way for some people,” he
Interview Reveals Dylan Was Suicidal And Addicted
Not really surprised about this. A look back at history tells us many authors, playwrights, poets, and of course, musicians have suffered the same "demons".  I've come to the belief that the most "creative" individuals, are also the most fragile...