Jennie and I talked about a pet cat that has a great personality to go along with her name. Her name fits her attitude, or so Jennie says. This cat is also in need of a home where she could get a little exercise. Here's Jennie to tell you more.

Jennie says, "If you're looking for a royalty sized cat with a temperament to match? Look no further, Queenie is your girl! This voluptuous nine year old feline has a beautiful muted calico coat and rules her domain with an iron paw. See if you can win this lovely girl's favor! Queenie has been spayed, microchipped and vaccinated. If you are interested in adopting her, come visit her. So, give us a call at 218-722-2110 for more information."

Thanks Jennie, Here's some Queenie Quick Facts:

EXECUTIVE (ORANGE): She's a busy cat, has to see what is out of the window and be around to check everything out. If closets and cabinets are open, she is going to go in and check them out. Naps a lot over the day and likes to hang around her owner. She also likes to snack, as you can tell.

Primary Color: Muted Calico

Weight: 13.03

Age: 9yrs 2mths 0wks