There is footage being shared on Facebook that looks unidentifiable. An Eveleth resident shared security camera footage that showed a light darting around in the sky just over the tree line. It appears to move in a circle, and then quickly shoot off into the night sky.

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It could be an orb of some sorts. It also could be a number of more reasonable explanations. Was someone using a laser light? Could it possible be a drone? Maybe some type of flare? Our friend Justin Liles, Chief Meteorologist from WDIO shared the footage on his Facebook page.

Justin says the video was from Lorry Belobaba. The time stamp of the video shows it was taken on August 30, 2021 at 8:42 PM. The unidentified flying object does behave like many that have been reported in recent years. The light zig zags and then leaves at enormous speeds. The g-force that would result in such a fast departure would make it impossible for humans to withstand.

UFO's were long dismissed as something crazy. A major development just happened last year when the Pentagon confirmed that there are UAPs (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena's), and they don't know what they are. That has opened many minds of distinguished people to realize that UFOs or UAPs are real. That doesn't necessarily mean they are extra terrestrials, it just means we have no idea what they are.

There have been many sightings in the Northland area and surrounding areas which you can read more on below. What do you think Lorry's camera caught? To me it appears to be a legitimate UFO sighting. This doesn't look like starlink satellites at all. Those have been mistaken for UFO sightings in many cases, but they travel slower, in a row, and are easily identifiable.

Keep your eye on the sky, and keep an open mind. We may not be alone.

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