Parents across the country are being warned that their children could succumb to horrifying infestations of nasal maggots worming in their noses, internal bleeding and lung infections if they continue snorting Smarties candies. Where are they learning it, You Tube.

Now before the folks at You Tube say I'm blaming them, I'm not. Kids nowadays are crushing up smarties candies, and snorting them just like cocaine. The symptoms for snorting smarties and cocaine are very much the same. The skin-crawling consequences of the unusual trend which seeks to imitate cocaine users seen on television, are caused by a condition called nasal myiasis - which occurs when flies lay larvae eggs inside the nose - attracted by the rotting candy rammed up inside the lining.

The new craze, if you will, is being shown by kids on You Tube, just like the cinnamon craze, this one is not good for kids.

Parents have been warned to watch their children to see if they develop a tickling sensation inside their noses and ask them if they begin to smell a foul stench from inside their nasal passage.

Symptoms of nasal maggots are sneezing and a gooey discharge that can lead to mucus emanating from the patient's eyelids - ewww.....and there could be an infection too.

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