Many people may have been surprised when word recently got out regarding Ozzy Osbourne's extramarital affair, but his wife Sharon wasn't one of them.

As she recently told the Sunday Times (via the Daily Mirror), Ozzy had been stepping out on their marriage for years — and she knew sooner or later he'd end up attracting public attention for his infidelities.

"The s--- that's been going on with my husband recently, it's been going on for about five years but people are talking about it now," said Sharon. "We've survived everything: drink, drugs and now it's women. ... When you're f---ing a load of women, one of them is going to want more. That's the one that's going to get you."

As previously reported, Ozzy has issued a public statement saying he's entered sex-addiction therapy and apologizing for any misunderstandings that may have arisen after his most recent mistress "took their sexual relationship out of context." And though it seems fairly obvious he won't be out of the doghouse for some time, Sharon has made it clear she's committed to working on their marriage.

"I forgive," she said during a recent episode of her talk show The Talk. "It’s gonna take a long time to trust, but, we’ve been together 36 years, 34 of marriage, and it’s more than half of my life. And I just can’t think of my life without him. Even though he is a dog. He’s a dirty dog. So there we are. He’s gonna pay for it, though, big time."

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