Wondering what's new with the multi-year project to rehabilitate the Oliver Bridge?  Here's an update.  Officials with the Minnesota Department of Transportation passed along some updated information from the CN Railroad;  here are the highlights:

  • 57% of the bridge rail deck has been replaced to date.
  • New timber for an additional 13% is already on site and the remainder is expected to arrive in the next few weeks.
  • Daytime road closures will continue through October 31 - however this could change at some point.

Earlier last month, we reported that the timeline had shifted from the work being complete as of the end of September.  At that time a new end date of November 1 was announced.

The work on the Oliver Bridge has mainly occurred on the railway portion - which exists above the vehicle deck.  Crews with the CN Railroad have been working to extend the life of the bridge into the future.

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