With thousands of bodies of water, Minnesota is truly a fisherman's paradise. Many of those bodies of water have produced record-setting fish, so that got me wondering how many of those record-setting fish have come from lakes in Northeastern Minnesota.

According to the Minnesota DNR, here are the state record-holders that were caught in our part of the state:

Obviously there are certain breeds that only live in the Lake Superior region that help the count of record fish from this area, but this is still quite the list to be proud of for folks that live and fish in Northeastern Minnesota. The Minnesota DNR recommends that if you think you've caught a record fish, you should do the following:

  • Weigh the fish on a state-certified scale (found at most bait shops and butcher shops), witnessed by two observers.
  • Take the fish to a DNR fisheries office for positive identification and a state record fish application.
  • Complete the State Record Fish submission form and send it along with a clear, full-length photo of your fish to the address listed on the form.