Phil Solem and Danny Wilde were never in the same room when they recorded their latest album "Via Satellite".Was it beamed into space? Maybe.

I interviewed Phil Solem, who is originally from Duluth, and he talked about the recording of the latest record. He told me he and his partner Danny Wilde would send their tracks and sessions to each other remotely. I brought up the face that Aerosmith recorded "Just Push Play" by sending each other the hard drives for the songs. Phil corrected me to tell me they kept the hard drives they just sent what they were doing but each person had the tracks and just filled in.

Phil now lives in Nashville and said he is getting pressure to write with people down there and play with them. He said he may do a guest spot here and there. He told me he can't see himself writing with anyone else but Danny. He said he has found someone he trusts and someone he feels comfortable in the process.

Phill also got a little silly and said he wished they still made cassettes so that this album could be sold in those old gas station bins. I asked him if they brought back cassettes couldn't they bring back reel-to-reel tapes?

Here's a song from the album.

Here's the one I played on the show.

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