I know there is a huge trend with people moving to and trying to live off the grid, or living "tiny". And tiny homes have been a huge thing recently. See what I did there?

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Anyway, living tiny does have some advantages.  You have to decide what you really need in your daily life.  There is zero hoarding that will be done because quite honestly, there just isn't any room for anything other than the essentials.  You could get a storage space, obviously, but that may be defeating the purpose of "living tiny".

I also realize that in a tiny home, generally everything is built in.  Your furniture is usually a part of the house.  There really is nothing that you would move into a tiny home, other that your personal items such as clothing, toiletries, cookware and bedding.  Everything else is already a part of the house.

PHOTO: Laura Bradshaw
PHOTO: Laura Bradshaw

With this house, how would you even get in the door?  The door is literally like two feet wide... if that.  To the point where I thought it was just a model that you buy and build yourself in a larger size.  But no - this is just a tiny house with a VERY tiny door.  Go ahead, bring in a box of clothing... or groceries.. or anything, really.

Would you live "tiny"?  I feel like if it was a cabin, that would be fine.  But to live in a tiny home as your permanent house, no thank you, especially if there is more than just you living there.  Even with one other person, this could get to be a bit crowded.

But if you want to live off the grid in a tiny house, and the door thing doesn't bother you - this one is for sale on the corner of Cooper Ave and Roosevelt Rd in St. Cloud with all of the info listed at that location.

NOTE: After speaking with the owner this afternoon, she says that she was able to move things into the home through that door.  So apparently it is wide enough for some things that you may need if this is the home for you.

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