St. Patrick's Day is the day where we can all be a little Irish for a day.  If you actually are Irish - it's even better for you!  If not - you are for at least that day.  Let's all get in on the vibe.

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For a few years, there was a giant event downtown St. Cloud that included a tent party in the Lady Slipper parking lot.  Then COVID hit, and everything was cancelled.  There are still bars and restaurants that are recovering from the pandemic.

This also effected how we get to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.  This is an event that is so fun, with lots of bands, ice sculptures/luges, giveaways, and yes, many libations flowing.

Olde Brick House downtown St. Cloud has been one of the staples of the holiday.  This year will be a two day event, Saturday the 16th and Sunday the 17th (actual St. Patrick's Day).

Some of the things that we are looking forward to at this event include food and drink specials, the Jameson Ice Luge is back, and lots of music over the 2 day event.

There is an event page that has been created on Facebook, and the schedule right now looks like this:

Please note that there will not be a tent party, this will all happen inside the bar/restaurant.  There is no cover, so it's on a first come first served basis.
More information is expected to come out within the next few days leading up to the event weekend.

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