I am the first to admit that I don't necessarily like every type of coffee drink that comes from Starbucks, or any other coffee shop for that matter.  Some of the orders that people make are so complicated.  And honestly, how did you even discover that you wanted whatever half pump of anything along with whatever 5 different types of coffee and extra special milk and on and on?  There had to be that first time that you ordered something and thought hmmm.... maybe this would be better with a half pump of sugar free tasteless syrup that costs an extra $2.

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I may or may not be exaggerating on this one, but for real, you do know those people who have crazy complicated orders and are generally first in line with about 20 people deep behind them.

Now, there is something that Starbucks is making that really does exceed the "gross" factor.  It also costs $10.  Which seems out of line even for Starbucks, which notoriously has over priced drinks.

Here it is...Starbucks Pork Flavored Latte.  Gross.

But, it is only available in China... for now.  And maybe forever.  Who knows.  But if it's successful there, it might make it over this way to the states. But I would guess only in California where I think you could market just about anything and say it's the new thing to prevent aging and it would sell like gangbusters.

 The pork-flavored latte combines the pork flavor sauce with the typical dressings of a latte: espresso and steamed milk. The specialty drink will also include extra pork sauce on top of the drink with a piece of pork breast meat skewered on top, dipping into the drink.

Would you try it?  I think that extra piece of pork on top really adds something to the drink, right?

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