Millions of people use TikTok daily for entertainment, hacks and DIY ideas, but sometimes we learn something new that blows our minds.

For example: Many on the social media app are gobsmacked after learning the true meaning behind the popular time-related abbreviations AM and PM.

In a viral video, TikTok user @amayaclarke08 asked, "What does AM or PM actually stand for?"

The brief clip sparked a hilarious conversation in the comments section.

"At morning and past morning," one TikTok user guessed.

"Andy Murray and Post Malone," another joked.

"After midnight, past midday," someone else commented.

Watch below:

According to the Royal Museums Greenwich in London, the home of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), which is the mean solar time, the real answer is rooted in Latin.

In Latin, AM stands for "ante meridiem," while PM stands for "post meridiem," or after midday, according to the Royal Museums Greenwich.

AM and PM reflect where the sun is while crossing the meridian line. Because of this, experts urge people to use the phrases "AM or PM" and "12 noon" or "12 midnight" to indicate the sun's exchange with the earth's rotation.

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