It's pretty much full-on motorcycle season in Minnesota with many taking advantage of decent weather as much as possible with the limited riding season.

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More bikes on the roads means more chances for accidents and it's important to be on the look-out for motorcyclists.  Yes, they have a responsibility as well, and this isn't a slam anyone driving a car post.

We all have to share the roads so it's a collective effort to keep each other safe.  With lane filtering soon to be legal in Minnesota, it adds another learning curve for riders and car drivers to be aware of too.

As distracted riving is still very much a thing, it's important to stay focused on your driving task at hand.  The statistics aren't out yet for May and obviously June, but through April so far 4 motorcyclists have lost their lives riding on Minnesota roads.  There have been more since April, and the total not listed with DPS yet appears to be 8.

That number may seem low, but it's still at least 4 people that didn't get to go home and left people behind.  Speed, alcohol, and distracted driving tend to play a part in many motorcycle related fatalities.  It comes down to making good choices whether you're riding a bike or in a car.

Even if you don't ride, many of us know someone who does, and like any other fatality on the roads, it can impact so many.  As the motorcycle riding season ramps up, please be mindful with looking twice while driving and put down the phone, it can help save a life and prevent those fatality numbers from rising.

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