A man wearing a T-Shirt that said "Jesus Saves" was initially asked by security to change his shirt or he would have to leave the Mall Of America. Apparently, security had been called with some customers claiming his shirt was offensive. After being confronted by security and having a back-and-forth conversation between them he WAS eventually allowed to stay at the mall and did not have to remove his shirt.

The video of the man speaking with security has gone viral having been viewed more than a million times on social media. The man is seen wearing a bright yellow shirt that says "Jesus Saves" on the front. The back of the shirt says "Jesus is the only way," with a strikethrough over a "coexist" image.

In the video, you can hear the security guard say to the man "You can take the shirt off... or you can leave the mall. Those are your only options right now." The man keeps questioning the security team asking what is wrong with his shirt and also saying that he has not spoken to anybody he just wanted to go to Macy's and shop.

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The security guard can also be heard saying that "It is religious soliciting. There is no soliciting allowed on mall property, which is private property," The security guard is also heard telling the man that if he takes it off, he can continue shopping.

According to KARE11 the Mall Of America issued a statement saying:

The guest referenced in the video was approached by Mall of America security on January 7, 2023. One week prior, he was issued a 24-hour trespass for soliciting guests. After a brief interaction, the guest was not required to change his shirt and was allowed to remain at the Mall.

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