Nautical Tour Guide Kimberly Christine has moved back to Duluth and brought a cool supernatural experience with her.

Halloween is just around the corner and there is plenty to be excited about. There is a free haunted attraction being offered in Superior, called 'The Massacre On Hammond'. Both the Haunted Ship at the William A. Irvin and The Haunted Shack in Carlton have announced their returns this year as well.

Let's not forget there are now two Spirit Halloween stores in Duluth this year. One in the old Bed, Bath, and Beyond location and one inside the Miller Hill Mall. Plus, the Lake Superior Zoo has released their Boo At The Zoo schedule.

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Now, let's get back to the Duluth Ghost Tours being offered in Canal Park. On Christine's website is says "The Twin Ports is aBOOt to get scary (er)" and I absolutely love it. Here is her description of the tour:

Join your Spirited Nauti-Guide, Capt. Kim, on the chilling and entertaining Dreadnought Ghost Walk Haunted History Tour in Duluth, MN.  Stroll around Canal Park to learn some city history, culture, shipwrecks, the world of the unseen, sightings, and the finale’ of how to perform a paranormal investigation to see and hear what spirits may still be lingering.  This tour is 50% history and lore, 25% paranormal education/ghost sightings and 25% investigation!

The tour has also been getting rave reviews on TripAdvisor:

We had so much fun! We love history and the paranormal, so, for us, this was the perfect experience! Getting to use real paranormal gear like the pros was exciting and spooky!! - 76steverox


Kim was great ! So interactive with our group ! She was funny too ! There was 7 of us plus 2 more from another group . She showed us each every picture! - MelissaA840ZV


Kim has also been a guest on Travel Channel's 'Ghost Adventures' twice. While on the Duluth Tour, you'll walk along Canal Park and hear stories of the city's history, as well as shipwrecks, tragedies, and hauntings. The tour has a PG-13 rating due to the nature of some of the brutal stories of death. The tour starts in July and runs through October 31st. To book a tour and get more info, check it out here.

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