The Cloquet Police Department issued a public alert on Monday afternoon, letting residents and visitors of the Cloquet area know that they will be conducting a series of active shooter training exercises in the area of the high school this month.

These active shooter response law enforcement training events are scheduled for four different dates in July, each of which will be held at the Cloquet High School at 1000 18th Street.

During each of these training exercises, there will be a large police presence on the grounds of Cloquet High School as well as in the school and around the area of the school.

During these training events, the CPD says you may be able to hear loud sounds that will include things like sirens and yelling. In addition, you'll see emergency lights and firearms in and outside of the school along with the heavy law enforcement presence.

Cloquet Police Department cop car in Cloquet, MN
Nick Cooper - TSM Duluth

The department issued this message to let the community know not to be alerted by seeing and hearing these things during their training dates. Those dates are scheduled for the following days:

Thursday, July 11th
Monday, July 15th
Tuesday, July 16th
Thursday, July 18th

Training is expected to last all day during each of these scheduled dates, starting in the morning and wrapping up by approximately 6:00 pm.

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These training exercises are similar to those seen at other schools in the area over the years, using the summer offseason to familiarize law enforcement officers with the buildings and property while training on scenarios everyone hopes never actually happen.

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