Tipping is a pretty hot topic these days, no matter where you live. Tipping culture has become out of control in some cases, with tips expected for just about everything these days.

I am all about tipping the standard twenty percent if the service is good and usually will throw in a bit more if I feel like the service was fantastic.

I even tip when the service isn't great but it really depends on the situation. It really varies from person to person and of course, has changed more recently thanks to inflation. People aren't going out as much and the average dinner or coffee costs much more than it used to.

So how much does the average person tip? It appears where you live plays a role! Toast, an online delivery and restaurant platform, figured out the averages nationwide and in each state for 2024.

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Tipping Averages Nationwide

Before we dive into how much Minnesotans tip, let's talk about what the average is these days. According to Toast, who got their data from tips added to orders placed using their website, says tips averages about 19 percent nationwide last year.

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When it comes to sit down restaurants, the average tip was about 19.4 percent. Tips for a more casual fast food restaurant experience averaged out at about 16 percent. Let's dive in.

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Minnesota Nice Is Real!

According to these findings, Minnesotans tip about 19.3 percent on average, or at least did during the first part of the year. That's pretty on par with the average.

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Randomly enough, those in Delaware have been crowned the best tippers in the country so far. The worst? That would be California residents at full service restaurants and New Jersey residents at quick-service restaurants.

Sigh. Money sure is a hot topic in 2024.

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