We are all stressed out these days and some days feel even more stressful than others! In Minnesota, as usual, we handle things in our very own way.

From family drama to work stressors, stress is a part of life we can't avoid. We can decide how we handle it though and it looks like we have a few activities we prefer over others.

New Research Says...

A study was conducted by Interventional Pain Management & Ortho-Spine Center to see which activities Minnesotans prefer when it comes to unwinding after a long day.

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sam thomas
sam thomas

To come up with this list, they looked at Google searches from the past year in each state. Minnesotans are pretty chill in general and that's evident in this list of our favorite de-stressing activities.

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So what is our favorite way to unwind? That would be gaming, believe it or not! This had about 60,000 Google searches over the course of the year, which means people really wanted to relax.

Kayaking and canoeing with family. Children on canoe. Family on kayak ride.

Kayaking Comes In Second, Followed By....

Coming in third place, we have golf. I know so many people that love golfing. Between kayaking and golfing, Minnesotans are really soaking in the great outdoors!

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Camping came in fourth, followed by football and then fishing. After fishing, we have basketball in seventh place and going to the gym in eighth. Chess and yoga round out the list.

I am proud that there aren't any nefarious hobbies or de-stressing methods here. We should still all take a deep breath and try to relax, though! The good news is that we were named the least stressed state earlier this year.

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