Need something new to binge watch? You might want to start with Chicago Med because there's a fun Duluth connection on the latest episode you don't want to miss. A Duluth actor was featured on the most recent episode, which aired on Wednesday (May 3rd).

Chicago Med is about a fictional hospital in Illinois where drama ensues constantly between the patients, the nurses, the doctors and the support staff. One Duluthian got in on the action on the latest episode, which is titled Look Closely and You Might Hear The Truth. It is the nineteenth episode of the eighth season.

Daniel Durant had a starring role in the episode as a schizophrenic patient with a hearing impairment. It is definitely different from his past roles which is always fun to see. Without giving too much away, Daniel plays a character named Aiden Rogers who comes into the emergency room with a shoulder injury after being clipped by a motorcycle.

While in the emergency room for his shoulder injury, he starts hearing voices. The scenes are weaved throughout the episode, which means Daniel has more than just a scene. He has a starring role throughout! The episode was exciting start to finish and even better with this Northland connection.

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The actor is having quite the career run as of late! He was in the Oscar-winning Best Picture Coda and was also a contestant on a recent season of Dancing With The Stars. I can't wait to see what he does next! I mean, he already has an Oscar.

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