Guys lets face it. There are times when we all need a little "cuddle" action, someone to "snuggle" up with right? This can sometimes present a  problem, unless you live in Rochester N.Y. Jackie Samuel live there, and she'll do the snuggle with you for $60 an hour. She owns a company called "The Snuggery" that she runs  out of her home..

According to 'The Daily', she launched the non-sexual service to encourage human touch and provide “a healing connection.” Some critics say her services are a cover for prostitution. Samuel said she has received nasty emails calling her a prostitute, but says her business — which does not allow sexual activity or nudity — is completely legitimate. Male clients must adhere to strict rules, and are not allowed to touch any parts of her body “covered by underwear” and she wears pajamas during all sessions.