As the San Jose Sharks start their 22nd season, there are a few things to overcome. They have a reputation for getting on a hot streak then turning cold in the playoffs and getting dumped out quickly. Alex Stalock, former UMD goalie knows about overcoming adversity.

At 26 years old, Minnesota born Stalock has some NHL experience, but all that goes by the wayside because of nerve injury to his left leg while he put in time in Worcester in 2011. It happened after he got his first win in the NHL against Phoenix.

San Jose could have dumped him and moved on, but they saw something, and that something came to fruition this past summer and pre-season. Alex tells CSNBAYAREA.COM “It’s amazing the way the organization stuck with me, and now giving me a chance to get back to where I was at a few years ago is pretty special, and I’m looking forward to it.”

UMD fans know what Alex can do, they've seen him be brilliant in nets. Now, he has to show the rest of the NHL and his partner just how good he is. Stalock says his job is to push the starter to be better and be ready to be the starter at any time.

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