As the $2.1 million renovation at the Superior's Public Library rolls along, interested people can follow along as "the next chapter is written".  Officials with the library recently debuted a new digital blog that includes news, updates, and pictures of the process.

For the first time since the library moved into its location at the corner of Belknap and Tower, it's getting a major renovation that will reboot the facility for the future.  Not only is the building getting the sort of upgrades that any 40-plus year building would need, but the library will roll out new changes that better align with the changing needs of its users.

The work will take about six months to complete - during which the library will mostly remain open for business.  Total cost is $2.1 million;  $1.9 million is coming from a loan from the city, and the additional $200,000 comes from capital campaign donations.


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