As COVID-19 continues to surge across the region, Essentia Health has unveiled a new regional dashboard that will help people track cases in a variety of areas.

The dashboard, which is very user-friendly, aggregates publicly available data and features an interactive map of Minnesota, North Dakota and Wisconsin. Users can compare case numbers and projections by state, and even dig in deeper by looking into different counties. Available metrics include cases per 10,000 people, daily new cases, seven-day positivity rates, etc.

“We hope that community members use this dashboard to better understand the impact of COVID in our region, and how behaviors like physical distancing and masking affect the spread of this disease,” said Dr. Sarah Manney, chief medical information officer at Essentia Health. “As a community we can use this dashboard to observe the changes over time and celebrate as we slow the spread of COVID.”

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This is the type of information that scientists have been watching since the pandemic began.  They have been able to see how things like mask mandates and holidays have impacted COVID-19 case numbers and now the general public can easily see it too.

“This is an evolution of the work of our highly talented data scientists and researchers from the Institute of Rural Health,” Dr. Manney said. “It’s a collaboration between those two groups, and they’ve worked really hard. They’re passionate about caring for our communities and presenting data with education. This is the result of many, many months of their work.”

Below you'll find a button that will take you directly to the dashboard as well as a video that will take you on a tour of this new resource.



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