It was only a year ago when we were hearing stories of animals that had escaped on to Grand Ave. and were disrupting traffic. When the water went back down and the damage was tolled, 14 animals had lost their lives and the Lake Superior Zoo was in disarray.

The Lake Superior Zoo has had some contributions come in both in the form of money and help in volunteering and that had allowed the Zoo to open shortly after the flood had taken the legs out from underneath it.

Fast forward to now, after a few more contributions, some creative management, more great volunteers and a talented staff, the Lake Superior Zoo has decided to celebrate a year of caring and help and to say thank you to the community that kept it going. June 20th, Visitors will be able to enjoy the zoo free of admission for the day during normal hours, which go from 10 am to 5 pm.

Bring the family and remember what it's like, and enjoy what it has become.