John Labosky, St. Scholastica’s Vice President for College Advancement,  was in the studio to talk about the Give To CSS day this Thursday March 23rd. How much it will help students. This is a day that CSS uses to help students with tuition, and supporters from Duluth and around the globe can join in a special 24-hour online initiative to strengthen programs and enable new opportunities to benefit students.

John told me on the air that the impact of the campaign is doubled by a pool of matching money that St. Scholastica has secured from generous donors. He went on to say that the day of online giving supports everything from classroom equipment to financial aid, to keeping the lights on.

John Labosky was proud to talk about their sporting programs and even gave a brief history of the school and how this program has help so much over the years. He is also proud of the school alumni who support this day of giving.

He has a great story of how some students said thank you to one of the donors. He said $100,000 was raised through last year’s event and organizers hope to top that this time around. Visit CSS online.

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