Officials with the Duluth Public School District have alerted the public about a rat infestation at one of its schools.  According to a post on their Facebook page, the district has closed Congdon Elementary School for the summer in order to allow pest control agencies to battle the rodents.

As reported - at this point - it doesn't look like the rats have made their way into the actual school building.  However, building officials have observed the rodents entering the drainage system and the foundation underneath the gym area.  Traps have already been set up and the team has been capturing around 5 per day.

A local pest control business is combating the rodents, following procedures established by the Minnesota Department of Health and Environmental Protection Agency.  Food sources for the rats have been removed and pesticide bait boxes to stem the problem.  School officials state that they are using the "least toxic" methods available.

Meanwhile summer programs that usually use Congdon Elementary School have beeb moved off site.  The districts KEY Zone and EXCEL programs will move to Ordean East Middle School for this summer in order to allow the pest control work crews to take care of the situation.


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