It's been a long summer of detours and perhaps no other project has snarled traffic more in the summer of 2014 than the Bong Bridge project.  As part of the two-year project, work will continue right up until the beginning of November.  At that point, it will pause for the winter - only to begin again in the spring of 2015.

So what's new on the Bong Bridge?

Progress continues to be made with the basics;  During the past week, crews were working on painting, deck overlay and deck sealing work, and concrete bridge approaches.

West-bound traffic continues to be closed off - as it will remain until November 2014, but east-bound traffic (towards Superior) is still open - with a single lane.  Next spring, that situation will reverse, with the west-bound (Duluth-bound) lanes open and the east-bound (Superior-bound) lanes closed.