Back in the day my dad would pack us up in the car and head out to see the Christmas lights around town, the glow of the holiday lights on the houses would make me excited knowing Santa was coming with gifts and fun.Growing up I was the only child until I was 16 so it was easy to just hop in the car and see the lights and enjoy. Now is the time in my life when my is family huge, 7 grand kids, 5 grown kids, yeah we need a bus to pack up the family and take them to places to get the holiday spirit flowing.

This year I needed places to fit with the family and keep the kids entertained without the tablets and games.

On the Superior side of things check out Fairlawns's twinkling Tuesdays . What I like about this it has great actives for the kids with hot cider, treats, story time and a visit from Santa. The Mansion’s holiday decorations look great and they have hosts throughout the mansion to share Victorian customs and answer questions. It is nice to have things for the adults to do and makes for better time for all.

The lack of ice outside makes for a good time to head over to the Duluth Heritage Sports Center for a skate with Santa and Rudolph. The kids have tons of things to do besides just skating, cookie decorating, holiday crafts and science demonstrations and kids will have the opportunity to tell Santa their wish lists and see Rudolph get ready for his big night.