Tis the season for all things festive and nothing is more festive in the Twin Ports than the one and only Bentleyville.

Not only is Bentleyville back in action for the 2021 season, but it is extra special because last year the event had to be tweaked a bit in light of the pandemic. They offered it as a drive-thru experience, which was pretty creative, but it is nice to have it back how it always is as a walking attraction.

They have also amped up security this year, announcing that they added several more security cameras throughout the grounds this year. (This makes sense because even though it is the holiday season, the Grinch is definitely still around!)

Now, Bentleyville is back and better than ever. Whether you are a Twin Ports resident or a tourist that drives from afar for the occasion, there are some general things that everyone just knows about Bentleyville.

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We all know that there are thousands of lights and that people drive from all over to attend. We also know that it takes a lot of volunteers to put it together every year. We also know that Santa and Mrs. Clause make an appearance.

But what about the things that you haven't heard about? There are so many interesting things about Bentleyville that you may not have known about or heard about. For example, did you know that it even draws celebrities to our area?

I gathered twenty-five strange, random and some downright hilarious facts from Bentleyville, courtesy of the fun posters they display at the event itself. Take a look and try not to laugh - or cry - at this list:

25 Strange, Weird And Random Things To Know About Bentleyville

25 Strange, Weird And Random Things To Know About Bentleyville

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