The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration issued a statement saying that they have arrested a small ring of auto part suppliers that have been selling counterfeit airbags to be installed in cars. They have released a list for you to check and see if your car is on the list.

Check to see if your car is on the list by clicking HERE. The counterfeit ring has been stopped in time so that no injuries or deaths have been caused from the airbags. The government is doing their best to get the word out in order to prevent any deaths at all.

The airbags in question don't inflate correctly, some have spread chards of metal when inflated.

According to FOXNEWS

If a car is on the list and has had its air bags replaced during the past three years by a repair shop other than a new car dealership, NHTSA is asking owners to bring the vehicle into a dealership to be inspected at their own expense to determine whether the replaced air bags are counterfeit. Fees for checking out air bags could run $100 or more, industry officials said. Some types of cars have as many as eight air bags.

Here is the list

Make Model Year(s) Model(s)





2009-2011 TSX





2006-2009 A3, A4, A6, A8, Q5, Q7





2007-2011 X5, E70, E60, E61

2008-2010 5-Series, 528i, 535i

2004-2007 5-Series. 525i, 530, 535, E60, E61

2007-2011 E90, E91, Not listed E92, E93

2007-2011 X5, E70

2004-2007 525i, 530, 535

2011-2012 X3





2010-2011 Lacrosse





2011-2012 Cruze

2006-2010 Aveo

2011-2012 Volt

2012 Camaro





2012 Focus

2005-2009 Mustang





2003-2012 Accord

2006-2011 Civic

2002-2011 CRV

2007-2011 Fit

2009-2011 Pilot

2009-2011 Insight

2009-2011 Crosstour

2011 Odyssey





2007-2011 Elantra

Not listed Genesis

Not listed Sonata





2007-2011 G35. EX35



2010-2011 Soul/Forte

2004-2009 Spectra

Land Rover


2012 Range Rover Evoque



2006-2011 IS250, IS350, IS-F

2003-2008 GX470

2007-2009 RX350

Not Listed ES350



2004 Mazda 3

2010-2012 Mazda 3



2009-2011 C, GLK

2010-2011 E350, E550

2007-2008 S550

2006-2009 ML

2009-2010 GL, ML





Not listed Outlander





1992-2002 Quest

2010-2011 Quest

2009-2011 Cube

2007-2011 Versa

2009-2010 Murano

Not listed Altima





2008-2009 Forester

2008-2009 Imprezza

2008-2009 Outback

2010-2011 Legacy



2007-2010 SX4





2002-2006 Camry

2012 Camry

2009-2011 Corolla, Matrix

2007-2011 Yaris

2004-2011 Highlander

2004-2011 Sienna

2004-2011 Tacoma

2010-2012 Prius

2003-2006 Tundra

2007-2011 Tundra

2003-2006 Sequoia

2003-2010 Land Cruiser

2004-2007 Highlander

2008-2010 Highlander

2004-2009 4Runner

2007-2009 Solara

2005-2011 RAV4





2006-2010 Jetta





Not listed XC60, XC70

Not listed V70, S60, S80


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