MMMMMMMM   BEEEEERRRRRR! To quote Homer Simpson. The look of the beer, how you can see the bubbles and the tint to it. Well, the way they filter beer to make it look that way is adding traces of arsenic to the barley soda you love so much.

According to newser NPR reported that researchers found arsenic in hundreds of samples of the stuff; some had more than 25 parts per billion, more than twice the US standard for water.

Experts aren't surprised. They say the levels shouldn't alarm anyone, because it's the same thing in dust or floating in the air. WHAT? Then we need to clean that too!!

 Newser went on to say that Beer and wine are often filtered using a mined substance called diatomaceous earth, a powder that comes from the tiny algae fossils and could be the arsenic culprit.

It all comes down to the same reason for other foods causing cancer or poisoning humans. If the product looks good it must be good. That's why they doctor food on commercials too. A friend of mine in the filming business told me they use glue in milk along with other substances to make it look good in the commercial.

I think I would feel safer if they just put the beer in a dark glass and let me drink beer without poison.