This is something that I talk to people about all the time. They ask my why we won't get on the radio and ask for everyone to help look for their lost dog or cat. There is a reason, and there are things you could be doing to help yourself and find your pet quicker.

My animal is missing. Who do I call? The first thing you can do is make a few signs in the area. Dogs will go to places that will feed them, and they want to come home they will look for familiar things. They aren't going to run away at top speed, at least most them won't. When your pet is found, your companion may be waiting for you at one of these locations. Please call all shelters to inquire about your missing pet.

City of Duluth Shelter: (218) 723-3259 or (218) 390-2256

Animal Allies Humane Society in Duluth: (218) 722-5341

Animal Allies Humane Society in Superior: (715) 394-7387

Friends of Animals in Cloquet: (218) 879-1655

Humane Society of Douglas County in South Range: (715) 398-6784

I found a stray. What do I do?

Call the appropriate shelter (listed below) to find out next steps.

Found within the city limits of Duluth: call Animal Control at (218) 723-3259 or (218) 390-2256

Found within Hermantown city limits: call Hermantown Police Department at (218) 729-1200

Found within Proctor city limits: call Proctor Police Department at (218) 624-7788

Found in Southern St. Louis County: call Animal Allies at (218) 722-5341

Found within city limits of Superior: call Animal Allies Humane Society in Superior at (715) 394-7387 or the Humane Officer at (715) 395-7280.

If the animal is friendly, the shelter may ask you to transport the animal to their location. If an animal is hurt, in danger or aggressive, call 911. When in doubt, do not handle a loose animal; call the police.

What else can I do?

Post a lost, found, or sighting of a dog with Lost Dogs of Minnesota or Lost Dogs of Wisconsin.

Post an ad on Craigslist.

Place an ad in the Duluth News Tribune or the Superior Telegram.

My animal is microchipped. How will this help reunite me with my pet?

All stray animals are scanned for a microchip when arriving at a shelter. The shelter will contact the person whose information is registered to that microchip. Animal Allies encourages all pet owners to microchip their companion animal and to keep the information updated to expedite lost pet reunions. If a microchip has old information, shelters are not able to contact the current owner.

Animal Allies offers microchipping for owned animals. Call (218) 623-6350 to schedule an appointment in Duluth or (715) 394-7387 for an appointment in Superior. Help shelters reunite you with your lost companion for only 15 minutes and $25. Call today for peace of mind.

I hope this helps, I love animals and I don't want anyone to think that any of our radio stations are unwilling to help, but we would be on the radio every 4 minutes telling you about a new lost pet, when these places are better equipped.

information from Animal Allies